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Pediatric dentistry is different. We specialize in treating children from birth through adolescence to promote oral health and wellness, and optimize the natural growth and development process. We strives to find families with our same mindset and partner with parents and caregivers to achieve these goals. 

Dentist Performing Exam on Child

Our Doctors

Our doctors are certified pediatric dentists who takes your child's health seriously

Open Bay Area for Dental Checkups
Office Tour

For Kids By Design

Your child's comfort was in mind: Thoughtfully minimalist with hidden tech in a playful, seaside design.

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Our Philosophy

As a private practice, we do follow a set of policies and philosophies that we find work best for us



​> TVs above every treatment chair

> Guest Wifi for patients

> Digital paperwork to reduce waste


​> For the visit: blankets, memory foam pillows, safety sunglasses

> No invasive overhead lights (we use headlamps)

> Retreat room for quiet, non-clinical visits


​> Mercury-free dental materials

> Imaging gently with digital x-rays to reduce radiation

> Hospital-grade Meritech hand washing system to reduce germs

Baby Boy

a pediatric dentist:


Pediatric dentists are specialists for children's teeth just like a pediatrician is a specialist for your child's medical needs. If you appreciate the care that a pediatrician can give for your child at a medical visit, why wouldn't you want your child to receive the same care for their dental visits?


Pediatric dentists are trained to teach children and families how to prevent cavities and promote a lifetime of oral health and wellness from infancy and beyond. Our training prepares us to provide the extra special care that your child deserves in a caring and competent manner. Pediatric dentists receive two or more extra years of training beyond dental school that is focused only in care of infants through teens taking into concern their growth, development, psychological needs, and more. Not only do we see kids all day, but we understand kids, especially when in the dental environment. 


We proudly promote the prevention of disease, which is one of the reasons why we love to see kids so young. Establishing an early relationship with the dentist promotes a health mouth and a positive dental experience. Kids that start good habits early in life are more likely to maintain those healthy habits into adulthood. With so many good reasons to see a pediatric dentist, how can you say no?

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What is a Pediatric Dentist
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