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Photo of Tooth Decay

Solutions for oral conditions

Southwest Kids Dentistry can assist your family with basic treatments to restore or maintain optimal oral health. Before any treatment is rendered, an examination must be performed and you must be made aware of your child's options, the risks and benefits to any procedure, and any concerns addressed based on your child's unique circumstances.


Basic services can include, but are not limited to the following:​

  • Dental sealants to prevent cavities

  • Medical management of caries with silver diamine fluoride

  • Restorative care such as fillings

  • Extractions 

  • Space maintainers

  • Pulpal therapy

  • Management of dental trauma

  • Professional teen whitening

  • Management of congenital anomalies and conditions

  • Tongue and Lip Tie Release

One aspect to consider for our patients is also the ability to have a positive dental experience so that your child will continue to care for their mouth for a lifetime. We want to be on your team and so a discussion about realistic expectations is needed when treatment is discussed. One aspect of care will be to discuss behavior shaping options. 


We offer a variety of options to keep our patients comfortable, starting with basic visual/audio distraction (television shows), which research has shown to reduce stress and increase comfort during dental treatment.  We also offer nitrous oxide analgesia which can reduce minimal anxiety or minimally reduce gag reflex. We may also be able to alter care delivery modalities, such as performing a drill-free crown rather than a tooth-color filling. 

For some of our families, we recognize that advanced behavior shaping is necessary or desired. We offer sedation and general anesthesia for these patients, after a careful review of all factors, including medical history and physical examination. 

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