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Insurance Matters

We can help you coordinate benefits

Dental Insurance

If we have received all of your insurance information on the day of the appointment, we will be happy to file your claim for you. 

When your child receives a treatment plan, it will show our full office fee as well as your estimated insurance discount. By signing the financial estimate agreement, you are only agreeing that you understand your financial estimates in the event you proceed with treatment. When you proceed with treatment, you are responsible for the full fee in the event your insurance company does not pay. If your plan overpays, we will be happy to provide an overpayment refund. 


Please understand that your insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company. We are not your insurance company. Be aware that our estimates can only be as accurate as the information your insurance company provides to our team. Your insurance company is not interested in the best treatment or care for your child, but in maximizing profits for their shareholders. We are happy to estimate your out-of-pocket portion if we receive accurate insurance information at least 48 hours before your planned visit.

Common problems with insurance plans:

  • "Bundled" plans: Your dental benefit doesn't take effect until you meet your medical maximums

  • Newer codes or treatments (like silver diamine fluoride) are not covered

  • Certain procedures are covered for specific teeth or have age limits

  • Frequency limits: If you had treatment on a tooth before, often they will not cover another treatment for a period of time

  • Only cheapest option is covered 

  • Behavior shaping is rarely covered (nitrous oxide "laughing gas", sedation, general anesthesia, desensitization visits)

  • Recent use of benefits is not calculated in your breakdown that insurance gives us - yielding inaccurate estimates

If you have questions regarding your insurance benefits, please call your insurance company to discuss your concerns. 


In addition to being in-network with major PPO insurance companies, we are also contracted with AHCCCS for foster children only:  Mercy Care DCS CHP (formerly CMDP, program name changed April 2021). Check your AHCCCS ID card to determine if your foster child has this plan. Please call our team to inquire about in-network status of any other companies. 


Payment Options

As a service to our patients, we collect all fees prior to your visit. This ensures  that your child can be seen as soon as possible and we reduce no-show appointments that can act as a barrier to your child receiving care in a timely manner.


While we always accept payment in full, we understand that there are many that need other payment options, particularly for those who want extended payment options. For those who wish to apply for financing, we offer CareCredit.

Please be aware that our office is not an intermediary in matters of divorce or custodial financial arrangements. If payments are to be split between multiple responsible adults, all payment must be made prior to your child's visit.

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