Special Care Needs


For Patients Who Also Have Special Health Care Needs.

Southwest Kids Dentistry is proud to provide care for all children, including those with special health care needs. We invite the families of patients with special health care needs to communicate with our team prior to the first visit so that we can prepare your loved one for a successful visit.


Let us know how we can help, because we love kids!


Prior to the Appointment: Prepare Us So We Can Be Prepared

Does your child have a favorite color, movie, toy, or comfort item? Does he or she prefer a quiet environment? Please let us know of anything you can think of so we can make your visit as stree-free as possible.

The Retreat

The front office can be busy and active. Some children do not do well in an overly stimulating environment as this can cause stress and anxiety. Southwest Kids Dentistry offers a retreat or quiet zone separate from the hustle and bustle of the front office to permit your child to relax and desensitize prior to their visit. Let us know in advance so we can have this room available for you and your child.


Comfort Aids

Some children require props, pillows, or blankets to feel comfortable for their visit. We can also offer sunglasses to reduce light stimulation. Let us know if you prefer to bring any of your own comfort aids or if we can offer any of ours to make your child comfortable during their visit at Southwest Kids Dentistry.


Familiarization Visits

Children with special health care needs can be our best patients as long as we (adults) have patience. Familiarizing children to a new environment may take time and those with special health care needs may adapt to the dental environment more easily with the assistance of a specially designed program that slowly introduces the child to the dental environment in smaller and easier steps. The familiarization method Dr. Hollen uses has shown to be approximately 70% successful at eliminating the need for sedation or general anesthesia in reearch studies. This rate of success is critical because regular dental care and the development of a positive dental attitude is critical to establish good oral health and reduce long term treatment costs. If you think your child may benefit from familiarization visits, please inquire with the dental team. 


Alternative Dental Products

Not all dental products are made for each person's needs.

Does your child dislike toothpaste due to a sensory issue? Do you need options for assisting your child with safe delivery of oral care? Let us know and we can make suggestions for alternative products that may make oral hygiene more acceptable for your child.


Coordinating With Your Health Team

We would love the opportunity to provide care that is consistent and safe with your child's health needs. Communicating with your health providers will help us provide the best possible care that is coordinated in a way that makes sense for your child and your family. We find that having access to this information prior to your visits provides us the opportunity to provide your child the best possible care at each dental visit.

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