An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure.

Southwest Kids Dentistry strives to assist your children with a lifetime of oral health wellness. This begins with child well check ups. Every checkup evaluates growth, development, nutrition, and lifestyle factors which help us develop a plan for prevention, treatment, and a caries risk assessment. The caries risk assessment evaluates your child's risk of developing tooth decay.


Here are some basic needs to be met at your well child checkups:

What to expect (pre-natal care)
We know it can be overwhelming to be an expecting parent.  Our pre-natal visit is offered free-of-charge to help expecting parents prepare for the health of their unborn and explain why establishing healthy family habits is the key to developing healthy babies.

Infant exam (0-12 months)
The first dental visit should be established by age one year, but why wait? Our infant examination helps you and your child establish good dental habits to help reduce the risk of cavities. Topics to discuss may include: teething, safety concerns and child-proofing, establishing healthy diets and developing an oral hygiene routine.

Little One Wellness Visits (1-3 years)
Healthy habits start early. Your visit will begin with a caries risk assessment to determine if your child is at risk for cavities or shows early signs of dental disease. We will provide you with oral hygiene instructions and guidance for diet, oral habits, and monitor dental development. Other topics to discuss may include: tooth eruption, safety concerns, and how to manage dental emergencies.
If this is your first visit, we may start with a knee-to-knee exam in which your little one remains in your lap during the visit for your child’s comfort.

Small Smiles (4-11 years)
Good habits start here as teeth are growing and changing. Teeth should be monitored closely for signs of dental disease as well as normal growth and development. A caries risk assessment is performed to determine your child’s risk for cavities as well as oral hygiene instructions to promote health as the permanent teeth grow into the mouth. We encourage parental participation in well check ups as children in this age group still benefit from active parental participation in oral care.

At this age, we encourage you to consider permitting your child to visit the dental chair for treatment visits independently to focus on building confidence and listening to our team for support.

Forever Smiles (12+ years)
Teenagers begin to develop independence, but still need guidance about maintaining oral care routines and keeping regular dental visits. Due to their busy schedule, they may find themselves snacking more frequently and having less time to dedicate to healthier habits. In addition, other lifestyle choices may change and should be addressed on an indidual basis.  We encourage you to make time for your teenager's dental visits, however, because even busy teens still need excellent oral care for a lifetime of health.  
At this age, we will also continue to monitor growth and development. This allows for a timely evaluation for orthodontics. While many teens enjoy independence and privacy during dental visits, we require that a parent be present in the facility to be available if needed. 


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