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A Lifetime of Oral Health Wellness Begins Here.

Southwest Kids Dentistry is proud to help families grow healthy smiles for their children.


We agree with the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry who advocate for a dental home to be established by the time the first baby tooth erupts or no later than age 12 months. This ensures that your child's early dental visits will be as stress-free as possible. As an added benefit, preventable dental disease can be largely avoided by maintaining routine dental visits and utilizing an oral wellness plan created by you, your child, and your dental team.


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Our comprehensive services include:

A prevention program addresses oral hygiene, nutrition, and lifestyle factors. This also includes regular checkups to evaluate growth, development, and to complete a caries risk assessment which assesses the risk of oral disease. Learn more about how we can assist you and your child with their needs based on their age.


Behavior Guidance
Children of all ages deserve treatment that takes into account their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. We can utilize a variety of child-friendly methods to assist with a fun, stress-free visit. Please learn more about our range of options and which might be best for your child.


Advanced Care
Not all children have simple needs. For children with advanced needs, we can offer a variety of services to assist with obtaining optimal oral health. Learn more about advanced care and how these services can benefit your child.


Special Care Needs
All families deserve to have dental care provided in a family-centered manner that is sensitive towards the unique needs of each patient. To help prepare for your visit, we find it is helpful for us to know a little more about your child's unique needs, preferences, and desires. Please learn more about how we can assist you to prepare for a successful visit.


Dental Emergencies
Did we hear someone say uh-oh? Whether it's a toothache or a sports injury, we are proud to assist our patients with their dental emergencies. Learn about how we can assist you with your bumps, dings, and ouchies.


Affording Dental Care: Financing Options
We understand that there isn't a one-size-fits all approach to financing your dental care. From using dental insurance benefits to financing with CareCredit, we want to make sure your child receives the care they deserve. You may discuss your options further with our team once all treatment needs are known. 

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