Tooth Stem Cell  Banking


Tissue banking for your child's future

Stem cells are specialized cells that have the unique ability to regenerate and differentiate, and have the power to fight disease, repair injury, and to maintain bodily health. Stem cells are being used today to fight many diseases including leukemia, heart failure, and organ transplantation. Researchers are hard at work utilizing these amazing cells to fight a variety of conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis, Crohn's disease, cancer, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injuries, and more. 


Many parents are offered the options to preserve umbilical stem cells during childbirth, but there is another source of stem cells: teeth. While the use of dental stem cells is still in clinical trial stages, we have found some families want to prepare for emerging technology. Our team can assist your family with your dental stem cell banking desires, particularly if your child will already be undergoing planned dental treatment for removal of teeth. 

When should I consider stem cell cryopreservation?

Timing is crucial for the recovery of healthy, viable dental stem cells. The most ideal circumstances would be recovery of these cells when a person is young and healthy. Stem cells are available several times during the course of a child's dental maturation: before exfoliation of baby teeth, extractions of teeth for orthodontic treatment, and during third molar removal. If your child is planned for any of these procedures, it is a great time to consider this treatment since no additional procedures or appointments are necessary. After the tooth is removed, the team at Southwest Kids Dentistry will send your sample to StemSave where the specimen(s) will be evaluated for viable stem cells. If no viable tissue is present, they are not stored. 

Can all baby teeth be preserved?

Unfortunately, no. There must be a healthy blood supply to the tooth so the recovery process must occur before the tooth is so loose that the blood supply is no longer intact or if the tooth has already fallen out on its own. Luckily there are many opportunities to consider recovery of teeth for preservation of stem cells, so please talk to our team about your desire to preserve tooth stem cells early. 


How do learn more? 

To learn more about cryopreservation of dental stem cells, click below: 



How do I sign up? 

You can signup online at the StemSave member website, or simply let the dental team know you would like to enroll and they can help you with the process in the office. 


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