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pre-visit general anesthesia instructions



Pre-Visit General Anesthesia Instructions


We have recommended deep sedation or general anesthesia sedation for your child’s dental procedures. The medicines will be selected based upon your child’s overall health, level of anxiety, and dental treatment recommendations.  You, as parent/ legal guardian, play a key role in your child’s dental care.  Children often perceive a parent’s anxiety and can make them more fearful.  They tolerate procedures best when their parents understand what to expect and prepare them for the experience.  If you have any questions about the general anesthesia process, please discuss with the dental team.  As you become more confident, so will your child.

Be aware that you will be in the office for at least 2-4 hours on date of surgery. Arrival time IS NOT surgery start time.You will be taken through the surgery check in process at your arrival time. Please be aware that all patients recover at their own rate, many of our surgical patients have complex medical needs, and not all surgical needs are known prior to surgery. The doctors will NOT rush to remain on time on surgery day. The safety of each patient (including your child) is of top priority on the date of surgery and safety will not be compromised in an effort to keep to a time schedule.  


For your child’s safety, you must follow the instructions below.


Before your child’s sedation appointment:


Eating and Drinking:

Absolutely no eating or drinking after midnight before the date of the appointment.



-Take all regular medication as prescribed with a small sip of water IF any medications require being taken with food, please inform our office.

-If your child has ASTHMA or other breathing problems, please inform our office to discuss our pre-treatment regimen as it applies to your child

-If your child has DIABETES and is INSULIN dependant,  please inform our office to discuss our pre-treatment regimen

as it applies to your child


Change in Health :

-Please notify our office of any change in your child’s health and/or medical condition. 

-Should your child become ill within 3 DAYS PRIOR to your appointment, please contact our office immediately.



-You are requested to arrange for two adults to be with your child for discharge

-No other children should be brought to the appointment.

-NO ONE is allowed to remain in the treatment area after your child has responded to the administration of the medications. This is important so the anesthesia and team can focus on the safety and wellbeing of your child.

-At least ONE adult/parent must remain at the office during the procedure.



-The anesthesiologist, pediatric dentist and staff will evaluate your child’s health status before he/she will be discharged home. Children recover from the effects of sedation at different rates so be prepared to remain at our office until the doctor has determined your child is stable and the after-effects are minimal.  At discharge, your child will be responsive but may be drowsy, crying, or fussing.

-We have reserved 2 to 4 hours of office time for your child’s appointment.  If you are unable to keep any appointments, please call our team. We do require 48 hours notice. 

-Bring a blanket for the ride home

-Do not change your child’s daily routine prior to the appointment- Please DO NOT have them stay up late the night before the appointment or have them eat too late.

-Please make arrangements to have appropriate adult supervision after the appointment

-Please have your child in comfortable, loose fitting clothes

-Please AVOID excessive jewelry as it can interfere with the procedure

-Consider putting either a diaper or pull-up on your child prior the appointment; attempt to have your child use the restroom before the appointment as well.

-Detailed instructions will be given after treatment is complete.  DO NOT plan or permit activities for your child after treatment.  Allow your child to rest.  Keep your child home from school and closely supervise activities for the remainder of the day, especially activities such as stair climbing.  If your child wants to sleep, avoid the use of pillows.