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Chipped or Cracked Tooth

Chipped or Cracked Tooth

Typical Level of Urgency:

Moderate to High - Call For An Assessment

Small chips in baby teeth are fairly common in young children, especially if they chew on non-food objects such as toys, or those with an ice chewing habit. Often times, sharp edges can be smoothed and sensitivity resolved with fluoride toothpaste. A tele dentistry situation may be an easy way to evaluate this type of situation.
A larger chipped or fractured tooth should be evaluated. If the chip or fracture is not painful, then often its management can wait until our office is open. If the chip or fracture occurs with other oral trauma, please call us for further discussion and management.
When a tooth is chipped or fractured to the level of tooth nerve or blood supply, then more immediate and advanced management is required. If you see blood emerging from the center of the tooth rather than from the gums, it should be assumed that more immediate management is needed.

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